American Eagle AH60 Basketball Hoop

American Eagle

$ 1,500.00 


This Made in the USA Basketball Hoop is our most popular system as it is the first in our Pro Series of basketball hoops.  It has all the features of the higher-end AY60 and AY72:

  • 7-gauge steel
  • Anchor kit install
  • Ground-level height-adjustment handle  

Customers prefer the rigidity of the 7-gauge steel pole and height-adjustment features of the AH60 over the Patriot but don't need the larger regulation-sized backboard of the AY72 or the 48" overhang of the AY60.  

Who is it for?
  • AAU or travel-team players.  This hoop will hold up to aggressive play.
  • Any family that may move.  The ground anchor gives you the ability to unbolt & take the hoop with you.
  • A family with younger kids that will have a hoop that will both lower down for younger kids and last over 20 years.
What are the specs:
  • 7-gauge steel
  • 40”X60” Regulation-sized Tempered-glass backboard
  • Adjusts from 10’- 6’ w/ a 36” extension
  • 6”X6” Anchor-system Post (We upgrade to this complimentary)
  • ClearGlass Backboard with an “Arena View”
  • Add a custom pole pad to your hoop!
Key Points:
  1. The key difference between this and the AY60 is a 36" overhang vice the 48" for the AY60.
  2. Most big box hoops have either a 24-30" overhang so the 36" will extend over any driveway pavers plenty.
  3. This system also comes with a front-mounted height-adjustment system enabling you to have a heavy duty basketball hoop with the ability to place it either in front of a retaining wall, shrubs or between two garage doors.

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