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American Eagle AY72 XL Basketball Hoop

American Eagle

$ 2,300.00 


This Made in the USA basketball hoop is the largest residential basketball hoop made.  No other residential basketball hoop has a 6' overhang.  Customers prefer a 6' overhang as it enables you to have a true and legitimate 5' baseline in order to play under the basket/drive the baseline.

Who is it for?
  • AAU or travel-team players.  This hoop will hold up to aggressive play.
  • Any family that may move.  The ground anchor gives you the ability to unbolt & take the hoop with you.
  • A family younger kids that will have a hoop that will both lower down for younger kids and lat over 20 years.
What are the specs:
  • 42”X72” Regulation-sized Tempered-glass backboard
  • Adjusts from 10’-6’ w/ a 72” extension
  • 8”X6” Anchor-system Post (We upgrade to this complimentary)
  • ClearGlass Backboard with an “Arena View”
  • Add a custom pole pad to your hoop!
Key Points:
  1. The key difference between this and other systems is its regulation-sized backboard.  This is the same size backboard you will play on in high school, NCAA or NBA.
  2. Most big box hoops have either a 24-30" overhang so the 72" will extend over any driveway pavers plenty.

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