Basketball Backboard Height Adjusters

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$ 1,100.00 

Many basketball programs look to expose younger players to the game and have a difficult time doing so on a regulation-height rim.  A backboard-height adjustment system enables you to manually adjust the height of your gym backboard from the regulation height of 10' to 8' making it possible for the younger kids to play.
Click Here for our blog post on backboard height adjusters.  Backboard height adjusters fit several types of backboards.  Knowing which one is right for you is very important.  Take a pic of the front and back side of your board an email me to make sure you get the right adjuster for your board.


Who is this for:

  • Basketball programs looking to develop young athletes
  • Elementary schools looking for an additional tool for their phys ed classes

Key Points:

  • Basketball Backboard Height Adjusters raise your hoop from 8' to 10' whenever you need
  • They work to develop a child's skills over the course of his maturation as a player
  • Can be modified to most backboards.
Installing backboard height adjusters is a great way to improve your youth basketball programs by being able to incorporate grades as early as kindergarden. 

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