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Basketball Hoop Installation Service

Home Court Hoops

$ 425.00 


Home Court Hoops installs basketball hoops in the New York, New Jersey, Tri State Area. Though we recommend our hoops, we have experience installing ProDunk Hoops, Spalding, Goalrilla, Wilson, Megaslam, and others.  

If you do not live in the Northeast Corridor, I have relationships with installers Nationwide.  Feel free to reach out to me and I can put you in touch with a qualified installer in your area.

We offer two types of basketball hoop installations:

  1. Anchor kit installs- We dig a hole, pour the cement and then submerge anchor bolts into the concrete.  Once the concrete has cured, there are four corresponding holes on the baseplate of the pole and we slide the pole over the bolts and tighten them down with nuts.
  2. Direct bury Installs- This is your traditional installation where we dig a hole, pour the concrete and then submerge the pole into the concrete.  The curing time is the same.

Why Choose Home Court Hoops:

  • Professionals with decades of experience customize a design for your unique home
  • We can install in any weather, even in extreme cold
  • All our products are Made in the USA


  • All our basketball hoop systems are installed at a depth of between 36”-48".
  • Depending on the system, our basketball hoops have a base of 18” x 18”, or 24” x 24”
Key Points:
  • We install basketball hoops in the Tri State, New York, New Jersey Area
  • We are equipped to design and install in any weather, at any residence
  • We do both Anchor Kit Installation and Direct Bury Installation


Call us at 862-579-2291 to get your hoop installed by the holidays.


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