Practice Field Hockey Goal

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$ 499.00 


Home Court Hoops carries a Practice Field Hockey Goal for any backyard sports enthusiast. With a gloss white, powder coat finish, this 1.5” heavy-duty steel frame is Official Size (7' high, 12' wide, 4' deep). This price includes a 3mm weather-treated polyethylene net, 3M Velcro ties, and shipping via Fed Ex Ground Economy Rate.

Who is this for:


  • Field Hockey Players looking to practice in their backyards
  • Residences with sports enthusiasts looking to add field hockey to their lawn
  • Athletic directors, P.E. departments, and gymnasiums looking to add field hockey practice goals



  • 1.5” heavy-duty, glossy white, powder coat steel beams
  • 3mm weather-treated, polyethylene netting and 3M velcro ties
  • Official Size—7' high, 12' wide, 4' deep

Key Points:

  • Built to last and durable steel framed field hockey practice goal
  • Official Size for authentic backyard practice
  • Includes shipping via Fex Ex Ground Economy Rate

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