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Attention Athletes

Did you recently graduate college and are not sure what you want to do? Are you a former athlete that’s not quite ready to turn in your pinnie for pinstripes?

Start a career in the sports equipment sales and installation industry. The sporting goods industry is more than just the major shoe companies. Think of all the basketball hoops in driveways, swing sets in backyards and equipment within school gymnasiums and playing fields. Learn the industry, literally, from the ground up.  

Why the sports-equipment industry?

  1. Why learn another industry when, as an athlete, you already know one? There’s nothing wrong with an office job but doesn’t sports sound more fun? Business is competition and the sporting goods industry is a $64 billion dollar a year industry. You know how to compete. Why not apply your competitive skills to an industry you understand in order to forge a rewarding career?
  2. Installing courts and hoops makes kids happy. Every completed job gives you the personal satisfaction that families will be playing on what you did for years and years to come.
  3. Work outside and in gymnasiums. Although there is some office work, there’s no suit and tie here. You’re on the courts and outside making games happen.

Job Description

Home Court Hoops is looking for full-time sports equipment assembly and sales people to support our growing company. We’re looking for fun, team-oriented players with excellent organization skills and keen attention to detail to manage the day-to-day installation of basketball hoops, backyard court consultations and basketball court painting projects.


  • Be professional in appearance and behavior
  • Consult with homeowners on the proper system for their home as well as the proper placement of their product.
  • Consult with athletic directors on the proper equipment for their facility.
  • Load truck with materials and equipment according to daily schedule and checklist
  • Navigate daily routes according to daily schedule
  • Contact customers via phone to inform them of your estimated arrival time
  • Manage material and hardware pick up at hardware stores along the route to include: Home Depot, Lowes etc…
  • Execute installations according to manufacturer’s instructions and training.

Required Experience

  • Knowledge of sports or kid’s sports environment a plus
  • Basic ability with landscaping tools to include: shovels, post hole diggers, wheel barrows, measuring tapes, carpenter levels, wrenches and socket sets.
  • Basic ability/comfort level with power tools to include: augers, hammer drills, angle grinders, power washers, backpack blowers and jackhammers.
  • Ability to lift 80 lbs.
  • Valid NJ Drivers License and legal to work in the State of NJ
  • Proficiency with basic technological devices to include: smart phones to check schedule, take pics of completed jobs and to upload photos to social media sites, GPS to navigate and email.
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Team Player

Job Location

Multiple Areas throughout the United States

Position Type


5-6 days a week


To Apply

Call 877-466-7101 to schedule an initial phone interview.

This is a detail-oriented management and sales position. Tell me why you want to do this beyond just needing something to do. Is sports your passion?

  • What experience do you have that will make you a more seamless hire with less training required than others? 
  • What sales experience do you have; what was it and what connections do you have in the sports community (AD’s, coaches, Parks and Rec Directors) that will help you get a jumpstart on growing the company.
  • How have you put together a plan to succeed in sports, school or a prior endeavor that will translate to putting a plan together for being the best you can be at selling and installing sports equipment?  
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