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Revolutionize Your Basketball Practice by Copycatting Chip Kelly

Bill Walsh revolutionized football while watching a basketball game.  He took the motion, screens and high percentage of the inbounds pass from basketball and created a football offense along the same lines called the West Coast offense.  I won't go into how it revolutionized football as there have been encyclopedias written about it.  You can read a little about it here (Click Here)   

How can you steal from football to revolutionize basketball like Bill Walsh did with basketball for football?  What benefits, strategies or schemes can you take from football and apply to basketball?  Specifically, how can you emulate Chip Kelly?  

As a Giant's fan, I hate Chip Kelly but, as an entrepreneur, I really admire how Chip Kelly operates practices.  What he's done is create a practice so efficient that the players are able to execute 30-50%,and in some cases 1000%, more plays per practice than other teams.  

Some players are able to get complete practices worth of reps where, in the past and for other teams, they wouldn't get in a single rep.  For the Eagles and previously for Oregon, they receive the added benefit of not just the increased reps for the backup players, but it gives the coaches a chance to discover diamonds in the rough.

Practice makes perfect and Chip Kelly has taken this mantra to another level.  You can read a little more about his philosophy here.  (Click Here)

How can you use Chip Kelly's philosophy to help your team?  I won't go into specific drills or strategies but what I will talk about is how you can better use your equipment to achieve the same efficiency as Chip Kelly.

I have been into thousands of high schools, junior schools and middle schools and I see many patterns.  With the exception of the main court boards, almost every single gym has wooden or steel side backboards.  

Backboard Upgrade 



The ball does not react the same as tempered glass; they are not clearglass or see through; almost 100% of them do not have breakaway rims and they are not set at the regulation height of 10'.  Almost 80% of the rims I measure are 1/2"-1" off and, in some case, even more.  (Test it yourself)

Your players are practicing on backboards and rims they will not be playing on in regulation games.  They are not practicing perfectly.  Not because of anything you are doing but the equipment.  

How much improvement would you see if you had six regulation boards with regulation rims?  How much improvement would you see with perfect practice on perfect equipment?  

How many more drills could you do with six regulation backboards with breakaway rims in play?  Six sets of kids doing Mikan drills.  Six sets of kids doing free throw shooting drills.  Six sets of kids doing lay up, warm up or ball handling drills.  

How many more reps will your players get?  How many diamonds in the rough will you find?

Speaking of efficiency, upgrading backboards is one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades you can do in your gym.  It's low cost and doesn't require gym downtime.  There are also numerous ways to get new tempered-glass backboards. 

If you have any questions or would like to know how we can help you purchase new boards, feel free to reach out to us at 1-877-Hoop 101 (877-466-7101).


Basketball Hoops for Hanukkah

The holiday season is upon us.  Specifically, the Hannukah season is almost in full swing.  So we here at Home Court Hoops have come up with 8 Basketball Hoop Gifts for Hanukah.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to call us at 1-877-Hoop-101 (877-466-7101).


Hoops for Hanukkah!

1. Basketball Hoop- A basketball hoop is a great gift.  It encourages kids to play outside and have fun.  Go to our site to see some of our options.
2. 1/2 Court Stencil- Do you already have a hoop?  Get some lines on the driveway to give yourself your own home court.
3. Personalized Pole Pad- A personalized pole pad with your child's team name on the pad is a very nice addition to your home court.
4. Two-tone net- Most nets come in only white.  Why not get a net with one or two colors?
5. Wall-mounted bedroom hoop- Do you have space in your child's bedroom or the basement for a small-scale wall-mounted hoop?  These are very cool.  We have these in stock so give us a call at 1-877-Hoop-101 (877-466-7101).
6. Basketball Leather IPad Cover- Having a basketball leather IPad cover is not only very sharp but it helps protect the IPad.
7. Basketball Court Lighting- Celebrate the festival of lights with basketball court lighting.  (Need a site visit to determine pricing.)
8. Basketball Rack- Do you have balls all over the driveway?  Why not store them neatly in the garage?

Tasty Thanksgiving Basketball Hoop Specials

Howdy Pilgrims,
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this post is stuffed with tasty specials.  So make sure you read til the end.  You don't want to be a turkey and miss dessert.
1. Turkey with Gravy Special!- Basketball hoops are our main meal and we plan on serving you up a nice bird with plenty of side dishes.  Mention this special for a $50 Coupon off one of the below.
-Personalized Pole Pad (Click Here)
-1/2 Court Stencil (Click Here)
2. Pumpkin Pie Special- Like the smell of a fresh pie out of the oven and a table full of desserts, a backyard sports court looks just as appealing. 
Purchase any of our backyard sports construction services and receive $500 off.
We have FREE site visits so give us a gobble at 1-877-Hoop-101 (877-466-7101) and we'll trot on down and give you a gander.
Backyard Basketball Courts (Click Here)
Tennis Courts
Pickleball Courts
Indoor Courts
3. Stuffing Special! Whether you have space above your garage or not, you have to see the video.  Behold the coolest and most practical garage-mounted basketball hoop EVER.
$100 off the installation of The AUTO HOOP.  (Click Here)
Do you have a garage with an attic?  Then The Auto Hoop is the hoop for you!
Call us at 1-877-Hoop-101 (877-466-7101) for a FREE site visit!
Thanks Pilgrims for hanging in there til the end!



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