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5 Cost-Effective Gymnasium Upgrades

Below are several quick-fix yet cost-effective solutions for your school.

5. Backboard Upgrades (Click Here)
Most backboards in schools have been there since the school was built. Upgrading a steel backboard to a tempered-glass backboard for indoor use or an acrylic for outdoor use is easy to do and extremely cost-effective. Because most backboard mounting points are compatible with one another, it’s as simple as just swapping out the old board for the new.

For example, a school can convert an indoor board to a regulation-sized 42″ X 72″ tempered-glass backboard for roughly $1,000-$1,200 per backboard. 

The benefits go beyond just appearance. It gives basketball teams additional systems to use for practicing drills as well as giving Phys Ed teachers additional tools to work with for class.

Article on backboards (Click Here)


4. Bleacher Repair
Many schools experience problems with their retractable bleachers being unable to close completely. This occurs for the following reason, when your bleachers are fully extended, the planks sag due to the weight of the spectators. When you go to close the bleachers they no longer line up. In most cases this is a relatively easy fix. Home Court Hoops will install braces with wheels in the middle of each plank which will prevent the plank from sagging while allowing the bleacher to still retract and close.

This fix can save your school tens of thousands of dollars as well as many headaches for you and your custodial staff.


3. Wall Padding (Click Here)
Wall padding is another tool that, over time, fades, rips and tears. Replacing it will not only improve the appearance of your facility but the safety of it as well.

An important note, the National Federation of State High School Associations has revised their recommendations for the safe distance between a basketball hoop’s end line and wall from 3′ to 10′ that should be padded. Read Article!


We're offering free logos with the purchase of 12 wall pads or more.  Call 1-877-Hoop-101 (877-466-7101) for pricing.


2. Weight Rooms
Fitness equipment is incredibly expensive. Renovation of the room is not. There are many low-cost improvement options that can give you an improved appearance and functionality such as replacing the flooring, installing mirrors, painting, installing storage racks or hooks and much, much more. It’s possible to completely renovate an entire weight room for a fraction of the cost of one piece of cardio equipment such as a treadmill. I’d be happy to see your room and give you some recommendations.

-Fix mirrors.

-Repholster ripped or torn vinyl

-Replace flooring


1. Color your lines, not your courts
Painting a tennis or basketball court is extremely expensive. However, painting lines on an outdoor basketball court in your school colors with your school logo in the key or center court is the difference between spending thousands of dollars or hundreds and is just as visually appealing.

I hope you find this list useful and if you have any questions feel free to call us at 

1-877-Hoop-101 (877-466-7101).

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