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Basketball Hoops with Front-Mounted Height Adjustment Systems

Many homes don't have ideal spots to install a basketball hoop because they have tricky driveways with obstacles such as retaining walls, thick shrubs or they are too narrow to put a hoop on the side of the driveway.  There is a trick to this.  Install a hoop with a front-mounted height-adjustment crank.  This allows you to tuck/back the pole nice and close up against either the wall, shrubs or between two garage doors.

In all three of the above scenarios, if you were to put a hoop with a rear-mounted height-adjustment crank, the pole with have to be placed too far out from either the wall or shrubs to compensate for the hand crank which would than either stick too far out into your court or just be impractical.  

With a front-mounted height-adjustment crank, you can tuck the pole nice and tight like you see with the pics for the American Eagle Patriot Basketball Hoop.  (Click Here)  Pay particular attention to the side pic of the hoop between the two garage doors.  This will give you a vantage point of how closely you can tuck the pole up against the house.  (Click Here)

The advantage to the front-mounted hoop is you can adjust the hoop from in front of the hoop without having to go behind the hoop.  In the above scenarios, this prevents you from having to climb up a hill, fight with shrubs to turn the crank and it gives you the ability to place the hoop between two garage doors.

Due to costs and streamlining their manufacturing processes, most basketball hoop manufacturers only make 3-4 hoops and almost all of them have rear-mounted height-adjustment cranks.  There only five hoops I know of the even offer these type of system:

  • First Team Champ
  • First Team Vector
  • Spalding
  • American Eagle Patriot
  • American Eagle AH60 Front Mount

Of these systems, the American Eagle basketball goals are far and away the better of the systems and much more competitively priced.  I won't go into the specs because you can read for yourself but if you any specific questions feel free to send me a message or give me a call.



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